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I've put my thoughts about web development in well-researched, accessible writing. Featuring dozens of diagrams and lots of source code, my books will be a great companion for those who want to learn from an experienced web developer. Check them out, spread the word:

Integrating Front end Components with Web Applications

Integrating Front end Components with Web Applications

This bestselling book is for web developers striving for great user experience. The book covers over a dozen of various front end frameworks and libraries, teaching the reader about the concepts of AJAX forms, notifications, AJAX file uploads, tagging and more. Each chapter comes with source code and a working server-side example.

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Ben Edmunds

Ben Edmunds

I have been doing a large amount for frontend work for years now and I even learned several things from this book. I especially liked that Maks made no assumptions as to the existing knowledge of the reader. Junior all the way through Senior developers will find something for them in this material.

Christopher Pitt

Christopher Pitt

I would buy @msurguy's latest book today ( ) but I already bought it ages ago. Cause it's badass!

Kennedy (@otisson)

Work well done in this book Never enjoyed front end dev but that will change soon. Thanks @msurguy

Ionut Tanasa

I have been learning about some cool Front End components from this book by @msurguy.

Lee Stables

Time to implement some Ajax fun into my app with thanks to @msurguy - go buy his book.

Sendoa Portuondo

I have learned a great deal about date pickers/tagging/Bootstrap from this book:

GJ (@gj1118)

Reading the new chapters of this book and feeling blessed.. A very good purchase indeed!