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Project MYhouse, a smart dollhouse with gesture recognition

During the Winter Quarter of 2018 at MSTI / UW, my team developed MYHouse, a smart interactive doll house that people can interact with by moving a “magic wand” in the air to make it perform certain actions. The dollhouse was created from scratch by using Laser Cutting, 3D printing, creating an electrical circuit and programming […]

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Research essay: The History of Processing

Introduction to generative arts and Processing In this research essay, I will talk about the history and future of a particular technology called “Processing”, that is often used in context of computer arts and more specifically, generative arts. I will provide some background about generative art, tools like Processing, their capabilities, and implications of the […]

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Building Project BOTomazov

Project BOTomazov ( self-portrait drawing robot ) Named after Alexander Bogomazov (1880 – 1930), a Ukrainian painter and artist known for Cubo – Futurism and Spectralism artistic styles, and also for setting theoretical foundation of modern art.     DEMO:   Project Advisors: Gregg Wygonik (Microsoft)- @gwygonik, Andrei Kashcha (Amazon)- @anvaka   Project Motivation: Abundance […]

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Reflections on 2017

Today is the first day of 2018. I wanted to sit down and write about what happened to me in 2017 and what is on the horizon for me in 2018. Here’s a short version of what life brought me in 2017: Got accepted to MSTI(Master’s of Science in Technology Innovation) at GIX(Global Innovation Exchange) […]

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Tools, parts and kits for starting in IoT

As you might know, I’ve been shifting my career focus from software engineering to hardware design and manufacturing. Specifically designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of connected devices. During the last two years I’ve been purchasing various tools, micro controllers, electronic parts and kits to help me design and prototype the hardware as I imagine it. […]

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Seeed Studio Fusion Review

This blog post is a review of Seeed Studio Fusion PCB / stencil service. A few weeks ago I was looking for PCB service with an option to get a stencil for my PCBs and a representative from Seeed Studio approached me asking to give them a try. They were very polite and offered a […]

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