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Integrating Bootstrap HTML/CSS Framework with web applications

This post is an excerpt from my bestselling e-Book called “Integrating Front End Components with Web Applications“. Using Bootstrap 3 HTML/CSS/JS framework Almost any web developer that has made a website or two has heard of Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a frontend framework that provides the necessary CSS and Javascript to make your websites responsive […]

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In-place Pagination using Backbone.js and Laravel (shop tutorial #4)

This tutorial is one more addition to my “Building a shop with Laravel” tutorial series. In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to implement very nice “Smart search” feature using Selectize.js plugin to make user experience a bit nicer: https://maxoffsky.com/code-blog/laravel-shop-tutorial-3-implementing-smart-search/ When I develop web applications, I care a lot about the user experience and […]

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Releasing Admin panel for SEO polymorphic relationships using Laravel

A few days ago I posted a detailed tutorial on how to use Laravel’s polymorphic relationships to simplify management of SEO data in Laravel web applications. You can read that tutorial here: https://maxoffsky.com/code-blog/using-polymorphic-relationships-of-laravel-for-seo-content/ I have also promised that I will release a small admin panel to manage that kind of data and today I will do […]

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