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A list of CMSs built with Laravel

Yesterday Ryan Tablada organized a Google Hangout in which Matt Staffer, me (Maks Surguy), Jake Chapman, and Alex Dover were discussing CMSs built with Laravel and the future of such systems. You can watch our discussion here and also read the conversation on Google+ (link on the bottom of this post): Before the discussion, I had […]

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Integrating Bootstrap HTML/CSS Framework with web applications

This post is an excerpt from my bestselling e-Book called “Integrating Front End Components with Web Applications“. Using Bootstrap 3 HTML/CSS/JS framework Almost any web developer that has made a website or two has heard of Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is a frontend framework that provides the necessary CSS and Javascript to make your websites responsive […]

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In-place Pagination using Backbone.js and Laravel (shop tutorial #4)

This tutorial is one more addition to my “Building a shop with Laravel” tutorial series. In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to implement very nice “Smart search” feature using Selectize.js plugin to make user experience a bit nicer: https://maxoffsky.com/code-blog/laravel-shop-tutorial-3-implementing-smart-search/ When I develop web applications, I care a lot about the user experience and […]

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