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Celebrating One Year anniversary

I wrote this blog post two days prior to it and scheduled it to be published on the day of our anniversary. Today my gorgeous wife and I are celebrating one year anniversary since we got married in June of 2012. It has been an amazing year for us getting to know each other more […]

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Laravel 4 release

Hey Laravel users! Laravel version 4 has been released this Tuesday! I feel you cheering and smiling because this means a big leap forward for PHP developers. There were over 570 users in IRC (hashtag laravel) when it was released and I was one of them! Also, my face is on the top row of […]

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Small Laravel 4 app – Missing Pet Flyer generator

I decided to test out some new composer packages using Laravel 4. The first package that I wanted to test was Intervention Image Class located at http://intervention.olivervogel.net/image. It allows you to operate with images and do many common operations on images such as : Resizing Cropping Embedding other images Writing text Putting shapes and objects on […]

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