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Laravel Shop tutorial #1 – Building a review system

The first tutorial in “Building a shop” series is going to be a practical example of implementing a rating/review system into an application. Review systems or rating systems are very common in all kinds of e-Commerce projects, social networks, anything that requires user’s input to be some sort of concrete value on some scale. DEMO: http://demos.maxoffsky.com/shop-reviews Source […]

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Releasing Builtwithlaravel.com

What is Laravel framework good for? You might have asked this question or was wondering what people build with this PHP framework. Well, wonder no more! I have taken a day of a weekend and created a website that showcases projects that are built with laravel framework, it is now live at http://builtwithlaravel.com The purpose […]

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Integrating Stripe into Laravel 4 application

In this short post I will explain how you can get the basic Stripe checkout to work inside of Laravel 4 application. Stripe allows you to take credit card payments painlessly and integration cannot be simpler than this. I have previously posted on Stripe integration into Laravel 3 application, to understand more how Stripe payments […]

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