Building a shop with Laravel – tutorial series announcement

Dear readers of my blog!

I have a lot of exciting announcements that I will make next week right here on this blog. If you don’t know me, I post a lot about Laravel on this blog and I am actively participating in Laravel community by recommending Laravel to other PHP developers, by answering questions on Laravel forums and on Twitter ( and much more.

But meanwhile I want to write a few tutorials about building a fully functional shop using Laravel 4 PHP framework. In these tutorials I will explore the following practical topics of implementing Laravel in a shop, combining frontend and backend components:

  • Implementing product reviews with star rating (published) – how is it done, what is an optimal DB structure, which frontend components can be used to simplify the user’s input of ratings. (I have posted a snippet on my Bootsnipp that shows the UI for this :
  • Implementing in-place AJAX pagination (published)
  • Implementing fancy search feature called “smart search” (published)
  • Implementing slider of featured items in a shop and most importantly – how to build and administration panel for the sliders that allows ordering of featured items. (see demo of the ordering in action :
  • Implementing “meta” information for shop items. Products usually can contain many different types of meta data and creating different DB tables for all of them is usually not a very efficient way to store that data, so an approach similar to WordPress will be taken to store the meta data for the shop products.
  • Implementing the administration panel for the shop – managing products, filtering and sorting products and orders, etc.
  • Possibly integrating shopping carts and payments.

The first detailed tutorial, “Implementing product reviews” is almost done and I will publish it very soon – make sure you follow me on Twitter to be the first to know when I make it live.

Let me know if this is interesting to you and if there are any other topics I should include in this series.

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