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In the beginning of 2019 I started working on a platform and community website for drawing robot enthusiasts. I called it Drawingbots.net¬†and have built the website from scratch. This is the first community website for plotter and drawing robot owners and majority of the website is user-driven. Here’s the process I followed to create this platform:

  • Create a Discord forum and get potential users involved
  • Collect inspiration of machine-themed websites and create moodboards
  • Design the wireframes and high-fidelity prototype in Sketch
  • Create a CSS theme for the website, implementing the design into HTML / CSS template
  • Create Content Management System for all parts of the site (using PHP and Laravel framework)

The website will collect the following information for drawing robot enthusiasts:

  • Tools / supplies for the machines
  • Software and generators for making graphics
  • Wiki / knowledge sharing
  • Plotter – themed events and community highlights
  • Curated PlotterTwitter content

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