NBC News - UX / UI / Frontend

UX / Web Design / Web Development

During the three years that I worked at NBC Universal, I worked on dozens of UX/UI/Frontend development projects for NBCNews.com and Today.com. From creating widgets that were used by over a hundred news outlets (with over 10 million cumulative daily pageviews), to creating new editorial and publishing tools and processes, I created unique interfaces (for example my open source Blur plugin) and brought innovation to the organization.

Technologies and methodologies used:

  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, SVG, HTML5 Video
  • Real time communications:¬†WebSockets, Firebase.io
  • User flow mapping, user interviews and surveys
  • Prototyping tools (Codepen.io, Framer, Sketch)
  • A/B Testing

Read more about my work at NBCNews

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