Smart Travel Assistant

IoT / Product Development / Research / UX / Web Development

During the last five months of MSTI masters program Maks worked with a team of four students and representatives from a major airplane manufacturer to do research, develop a concept and build a prototype of a mobile application that is intended to assist travelers during their journey.

During this project, Maks lead a multidisciplinary team and acted as main point of contact between the students and the sponsor company. Maks’ responsibilities in the project included:

  • Product management: coming up with the vision of the product, ensuring that the team has common goals
  • Leading the team: resolving conflicts, conducting meetings, inspiring, leading brainstorming sessions, cultivating a productive environment, holding individuals to high professional standards
  • Project management: work breakdown structure, planning sprints, distributing work, ensuring that that individuals are on track
  • Research: market research, Intellectual property research, beacon and proximity technology research, user experience research
  • Concept Development: Storyboarding, wireframing, user journey mapping, user testing, user flow diagramming
  • Business Development: market research, business model development
  • Product Development: Technology architecture, Android App development, Content Management System Development, proximity technology integration, API integration

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Software: During this project, Maks used the following software:

  • Android Studio
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Google Docs
  • LucidChart
  • InVision
  • GanttProject
  • Torch AR prototyping app
  • PHPStorm
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