NBC News - Web Performance

Web Development

During the three years that I worked at NBC News, I cared a lot about web page optimization. For every project that I delivered within NBCNews, I ran extensive performance tests to ensure that the web pages are fast on desktop and mobile, are junk-free and enjoyable by the end users. As an example of my deep involvement in performance optimization, I was able to trim down the number of HTTP requests for highest-traffic pages by 100-150 requests (out of 250-300 total). This is the kind of work I’ve done for web performance:

  • Page size and speed analysis
  • Code optimization
  • Removal of legacy 3rd party integrations
  • Lean widget development

Technologies used:

  • Google Analytics
  • WebpageTest.org
  • BrowserStack and Selenium, ModernIE
  • JS, image and video optimization
  • Chrome Developer Tools

Read more about my work at NBCNews

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