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There is no limit to technology

A short essay by Maks Surguy, technology enthusiast. Since my childhood I was really into technology. I built my own FM transmitters, robots, RC airplanes and other toys. I have been getting into 3D printing lately and this past month made me realize that there is basically no limit to technology and business opportunities that arise […]

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Building RESTful API in Laravel – part 3 – Integration with BackboneJS

For those of you who haven’t been following this blog – I am posting a short series of tutorials that guide you through creating a simple API in Laravel 3 and integrating it with a client application – in this case TodoMVC BackboneJS application (see screenshot below). Part 1 of the tutorial is here : https://maxoffsky.com/code-blog/building-restful-api-in-laravel-start-here/ […]

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Building RESTful API in Laravel – part 2 – Design API Controller

In the previous tutorial (https://maxoffsky.com/code-blog/building-restful-api-in-laravel-start-here/) I shared the basics of RESTful controller structure and a route that we will need to build a RESTful web application. As promised, in this tutorial we will explore how exactly to make our API work with our data. We will explore a simple Todo list application as and example. […]

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