There is no limit to technology

A short essay by Maks Surguy, technology enthusiast.

Since my childhood I was really into technology. I built my own FM transmitters, robots, RC airplanes and other toys. I have been getting into 3D printing lately and this past month made me realize that there is basically no limit to technology and business opportunities that arise from new technologies.

Some people argue that everything has been invented and there is no more room for innovation. I tend to disagree with this because I see first hand the amount of opportunities in today’s world. To me it really seems like there is no end to innovation.

WIth each new technology there is a new field for growth. Let’s look at few examples from the past to more understand what I mean. Let’s analyze what each of three fields of technological advancement brought us, from photography, computers and cars.

How many industries were born or affected with appearance of film and camera? There are so many things that people wanted to improve on : get color, store more photos, take photos faster, take better photos, have an easier time to carry their photo gear, have a variety of output from the camera (these days aka “effects”).

How about computers? The world of today is pretty much completely computerized. You probably have at least 2 or 3 dozen computers at your home in some form or shape(electronic clocks, TVs, iPods, Game consoles, Iron, Phone, etc). If you have a car, it has tons of computers and sensors too. Computers brought so many industries with them, I can’t imagine the impact of it all. For example networking became it’s own industry (Cisco, NetGear, etc), memory became a large industry (Transcend, Kingston), there is even specialized computer furniture and of course lots of accessories for the computer.

Well, what about cars? Same trend. This technology brought a huge change in the world and gave birth to lots and lots of industries. Have a garage? Thank the cars for it. Automated assembly lines were upgraded and invested in largely by the automotive industry.

See my point? Each new industry brought lots and lots of opportunity and lasting impact. How does this apply to you today in this world where it seems that everything has been invented? If you use any products(and I’m sure you do), you can start right there.

You decide and can take action.

Each product you own and its ecosystem can be impacted by YOU. Have you had an idea on how to improve any of the things you already own? Why not make that improvement and be able to profit from sales!?

Here are quick ideas from top off my head:

  • Have a bike? Why not make some awesome lights like Revolights but better and cheaper?
  • Have a car ? Why not make some mods or some accessory and try selling it on
  • Have a game console? Why not make an online forum for your favorite game? (in case there is a forum already , competition is not bad!)
  • Have a favorite website? Why not make use their API to interact with that site in some new more convenient way?
  • Like jewelry? Why not customize it (here, here) and easily sell your own 3D printed jewelry on ?

There are tons and tons of industries that need work, that will branch out and make other industries. There has never been a better time to make the world a better place. It all starts with you and your ideas.

Have questions on how to proceed? Ask me in the comments!

As a bonus to the post I’ve implemented a simple Game of Life below, feel free to play with it before you start your own industry!

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