PrintrBot Plus and few mods = great quality 3d prints

Two weeks ago I bought a 3D printer called PrintrBot Plus. I never had a 3D printer before. This technology is completely mind blowing to me.

Fast forward, I made quite a bit of adjustments and upgrades.
Here are the mods I have done to my PrintrBot Plus 3D printer:

  • Replaced the tip with 0.35mm tip (took 10 minutes to replace, very easy procedure).
  • Put a fan to cool down the print while it is being printed, need to get a smaller fan though.
  • Put a glass above the heated bed and Kapton tape over the glass.
  • Tightened all belts.
  • Printed out glass clips and made the heated bed to be adjustable via springs.
  • Replaced power supply with 350W power supply for quicker heating of the nozzle and the heated bed.
In this post I will share photos of the models I have printed on the adjusted and calibrated 3D printer, enjoy the show:

And a gallery to show all pictures in one convenient window:

What do you think about these prints?

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  • Dan Mellem January 18, 2013  

    Do you have to do the acetone polish with the smaller nozzle? Also, can the Printrbot add support material or dual material?

  • Maks Surguy January 18, 2013  

    Hi! Good to see you here! The support material can be generated in Slic3r – the program that slices the models before they are printed. I think the finish is pretty good as it is but certainly some polishing would make it better – that is for all nozzle sizes.

  • joeboxer March 26, 2013  

    Hi there,
    fantastic quality!
    Can you explain more about: Replaced the tip with 0.35mm?


  • Maks Surguy March 26, 2013  
  • marlus araujo July 21, 2013  

    hi Maks, very nice post!
    could you post some photos of your printrbot after mods?
    I would like to see the bed adjustment.
    Thank you!

  • Muhanad Abdulrahman October 14, 2015  

    please any one can help ?
    i need printer with low price and give me acceptable precision about 100 microns plus minus with dimensions of model about 100*100*25 of building dental model
    please my email on face book muhanad abdulrahman

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