Announcing release of Source!

Today my friend Stidges and I are making a small contribution to open source community.

We are releasing the source code of a website that the two of us created together called Laravel Tricks. The purpose of the website is to give the Laravel community ability to create small code snippets that could be helpful to other developers. This website has been live for a few months now and have been visited by more than 10,000 people with over 80 tips & tricks created by users since its launch.

The source is available at our new Github organization:

If you haven’t seen it, the site looks like this:
Laravel tricks website

The website is responsive, looks great on all devices thanks to customized Bootstrap framework and uses some third party packages not only to look good but also function well. It is packed with cool features.

Features of Laravel-tricks:

  • Multi User platform that enables registered users to post short excerpts of code and descriptions to go along with the code.
  • Syntax highlighting using Highlight.js
  • Code editing with ACE editor
  • Sorting and search.
  • Categories and tags for each user submitted entry using Selectize.js.
  • OAuth 2 Github Registration and Login using OAuth 2 client from PHP League.
  • Disqus integration for commenting.
  • Customized Bootstrap theme.
  • AJAX favoriting.
  • Gravatar integration.
  • Using jQuery FileAPI for avatar uploads and cropping.
  • Using Intervention Image to handle the server side of the avatar uploads.
  • Admin panel for editing/creating tags and categories
  • Pinterest-inspired grid implemented with Masonry.
  • Presenter classes implemented with the Laravel Auto Presenter package.

Knowing how these features are implemented in Laravel could be helpful to a lot of developers starting out with Laravel PHP framework.

Why releasing the source?

Stidges and I felt strongly about this from day 1. We believe that good quality code that solves real problems should be made public for others to learn from. The features that this application implements (like avatar cropping and upload, tagging, categorizing, customized Bootstrap CSS, etc) could serve as a useful base for other developers that are seeking high quality solutions to these common problems.

What can you do with it?

You could learn from the source or you could reuse the code we created to power a similar website entirely. The very permissive MIT license allows you to do whatever the heck you want, and in fact it would be flattering if we saw websites like these pop up:

  • Angular-tricks
  • Backbone-tricks
  • Bootstrap-tricks
  • Ember-tricks
  • HTML-tricks
  • Anything-tricks

Please feel free to use our work to power your websites, we don’t require any credit but credit (or Gittip) would be appreciated.

Again, the source is available at our new Github organization:
Please star the repo as a token of appreciation.


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  • Truly a big contribution towards laravel open source projects. Thanks!

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  • sasajib

    Thanks, that’s a big of you…

  • mp

    Wow, thanks Max. I’m just digging into it. Everything seems so clear and nicely abstracted. It’s a huge aid in learning of clean code. Truly amazing job, man. Kudos for you!

  • Thank you! We tried really hard to make this a good source to learn from. It’s a pleasure to hear that our goal was achieved 🙂 Have fun with it and star the repo!

  • Thank you i am a newbie in laravel

  • adedolapoo

    hello maks, tanks for this wonderful contribution, please i keep encountering a sympony syntax error whenever i try running composer or artisan in command line, it keeps seeing the array shorthand as a syntax error, pls how can i work around this. Thanks for a job well done.

  • andy

    Thanks for sharing source code. After install ,config and migrate database, i enter link http://localhost/trick/public and has message error text ‘Whoops, looks like something went wrong’. Please help me, thank you

  • Try to do debug = true in the app/config/app.php and see what errors you are getting.

  • andy

    thanks, The comment box isnt loading just display ‘comments powered by Disqus’ and i dont know link go to admin ?. thank you for helping me

  • Thank you..i am really digging into laravel and this is so gonna help me, thanks

  • Please help me, got this error after installing and going through every step “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. [tcp://]”

  • I see, that means you don’t have the hostname configured properly in bootstrap/start.php file. Basically you need to set the local configuration to use your hostname (such as ‘prospers-laptop’) in that file. You can look up your hostname by going through these steps: Getting the Hostname on windows.

  • you have to create a new disqus forum on and follow instructions there. Let me know if you need more help.

  • yuran25

    Макс, почему то ошибка у меня возникает, помоги пожалуйста. На github отписал:

    The installation was successful. When you open the site – this error: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.


    Predis Connection ConnectionException
    Connection refused [tcp://]

    Helper method to handle connection errors. *

    @param string $message Error message.

    @param int $code Error code. */ protected function onConnectionError($message, $code = null) { CommunicationException::handle(new ConnectionException($this, “$message [{$this->parameters->scheme}://{$this->getIdentifier()}]”, $code)); }

  • Meph

    Super excited to dig into this. I’ve been a bit tired of tutorials that take shortcuts and implement features for a 10 minute video. I much prefer learning from properly architected solutions.

  • maxsurguy

    Awesome! Enjoy!

  • tahertechs

    Thanks Max for this amazing project..I am quit new to Laravel. Looking into your code I don’t get exactly how do you load the layouts in views. I get used to @extend(‘layouts.main’) etc. I wanna have additional layout. How can I go about doing this. Thanks.

  • maxsurguy

    You can consult with my blog post that has this covered in great detail : let me know if you’re still having trouble.

  • tahertechs

    The problem was solved, I had to pass different layout variable in any Controller I wanted to apply. Though I got one challenge , is it possible to specify the layout to a function (which is inside controller) which should be called whenever I call that function. Currently when I declare let’s say within my Controller, it is applied throughout the class meaning all functions will use the same layout. When I changed to be local variable(inside a specific function) it throw an error….Any help?

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