About a week ago I have released and open sourced a small experiment, originally created by @hakimel. It is a very cool spinner UI effect that creates a spinner inside of a button when you submit a form or when you need to show progress to the user.

You can play with the spinner effect below:

See the Pen yJlfA by Maksim Surguy (@msurguy) on CodePen

The source and usage information could be found in my Github repository here: https://github.com/msurguy/ladda-bootstrap

I am going to use this effect on my upcoming renovation of http://bootsnipp.com, here is a screenshot of how it will look like in action (click to see fullscreen):

Do you like this instantaneous feedback effect?

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Maks Surguy

Full stack web developer, speaker and writer.
Maks is young and energetic breakdancer turned into web developer who lives in Seattle area with his wife. He is well-versed in three languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian) and a dozen of programming languages.