What is Laravel? Why should any PHP developer care about it?

A few days ago I had to present at a local PHP Meetup in Fullerton, CA. I spoke about Laravel framework and why it will be the future of PHP frameworks (and that future is already here).

Below I have that presentation from my talk and also the content of the slides typed up in text. Enjoy!


Clean and classy PHP framework 

Presentation by Maks

What do I do

Breakdancer (4 years)
IT support (8 years)
Web Development (3 years)
Created Bootsnipp.com in 4 days with Laravel

WHY Another Framework?

  • Easy to start with
  • Free from spaghetti code
  • Eloquent syntax
  • Modularity (Bundles, now Composer)
  • Testability
  • Clean 
  • Dependent
  • Eloquent ORM 
  • Easy routing
  • Caching
  • Combines best of many worlds
  • Flexible MVC
  • MIT license

As @Rutger says

“With Laravel we can do it in one line.”

Eloquent ORM

Uses prepared statements (SQL injection defense)
works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
Example of actual usage: 
class Company extends Eloquent {}

$company = Company::create(array(
           'address' => '155 Harbor Blvd',
           'city' => 'Fullerton'
$company = Company::find(1);

echo $company->address; // 155 Harbor Blvd 
$company = Company::where('city', '=', "Fullerton")->first();
$companies = Company::order_by('city', 'desc')->take(10)->get();


One to One
class Company extends Eloquent {
     public function phone()
          return $this->has_one('Phone');
$phone = Company::find(1)->phone;
Many to One
class Company extends Eloquent {
     public function customers()
          return $this->has_many('Customer');
$customers = Company::find(1)->customers;

Many to Many


Super easy
Route::get('/', function()
    return "Hello PHP!";

Route::post('user', function()

Route::put('user/(:num)', function($id)

Route::delete('user/(:num)', function($id)

Routing #2

Controller Routing


Route filters

Route::get('create', array('before' => 'auth|csrf', function()


Out of the box
$credentials = array('username' => 'example@gmail.com', 'password' => 'secret');

if (Auth::attempt($credentials))
     return Redirect::to('user/profile');

Get user's info : 
return Auth::user()->email;


Blade templating engine

Kinda like PHP-ied HTML, ex:
@if ($tags)
	<p class="lead">Tags matching the search:</p>
	<ul class='nav nav-list'>
@foreach ($tags as $tag)
	  <li><a href="{{action('tags@view', array($tag->slug))}}"><span class="label">{{$tag->snipps()->count()}} snipps</span> {{$tag->name}} </a></li>


$environments = array(
    'local'      => array('http://localhost*', '*.dev'),
    'staging'    => array('http://dev.mywebsite.com*'),
    'production' => array('http://mywebsite.com*'),

Then add environment specific config files under 


  - config
     - staging
        - database.php
        - session.php
     - production
        - database.php



Bundles (now composer packages)

Don’t reinvent the wheel…
Installation of bundles easy as :
php artisan bundle:install Mybundle

SOme cool packages:

  • Bootstrapper
  • Former
  • Oauth2 (12 service providers ready to go)
  • Mailgun
  • Mandrill
  • Hashids
  • Cartify (shopping cart ready to go)


$input = Input::all();

$rules = array(
	'name' => 'required|min:3|max:32|alpha',
	'age' => 'required|integer'

$v = Validator::make($input, $rules);

if( $v->fails() )
	// code for validation failure :(
	// code for validation success!

Artisan CLI

# Application Configuration

key:generate        Generate a secure application key.

# Database Tables

session:table       Generate a migration for the sessions database table.

# Migrations

migrate:install     Create the Laravel migration table.
migrate:make        Create a migration.           
migrate             Run outstanding migrations.   
migrate:rollback    Roll back the most recent migration.
migrate:reset       Roll back all migrations.     

# Bundles

bundle:install      Install a bundle.             
bundle:upgrade      Upgrade a bundle.             
bundle:publish      Publish all bundles' assets.  

Artisan CLI #2

# Unit Testing

test                Run the application's tests.  

# Routing

route:call          Call a route.                 

# CLI Options

--env=              Set the Laravel environment.  
--database=         Set the default database connection.


IRC channel #laravel


Near future

Laravel 4 hotness (PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5)
Composer packages
Unit tested everything


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Maks Surguy

Full stack web developer, speaker and writer.
Maks is young and energetic breakdancer turned into web developer who lives in Seattle area with his wife. He is well-versed in three languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian) and a dozen of programming languages.