iOS and XCode tutorials and resources

Navigation controller and Tab Bar usage and implementation

Creating an iOS 4 iPhone Multiview Application using the Tab Bar (Xcode 4)

Creating an iPhone Multiview Application using the Tab Bar

Creating a Navigation Controller Based Application in Xcode for iOS based devices

Add a navigation Controller

Using CoreLocation and GPS:

iOS CoreLocation Tutorial:

Building Location-Based Applications for the iPhone

An Example iOS 4 iPhone Location Application (Xcode 4)


Creating a Navigation based iOS 4 iPhone Application using TableViews (Xcode 4)

iOS StoryBoard tutorials :

iOS 5 StoryBoard (implement UITableView) :

Beginning Storyboards in iOS 5 Part 1

Tutorial: Storyboard in XCode 4.2 with Navigation Controller and Tabbar Controller (Part 1)

General resources :

How to promote your app:

How to launch iPhone app quickly (tricks that most popular apps use to look swift)

Understanding View Controllers (includes explanation of transitions between views) :

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