Laravel AJAX example source code

The source code is available here:

AJAX examples using Laravel and Bootstrap AJAX

See live demo at Pagodabox deployed code

This is a demo of simplifying AJAX calls withing Laravel application using Bootstrapper Bundle and Bootstrap-ajax extension


The source code features are :

  • replace content via AJAX calls
  • append content via AJAX calls
  • Form submittal and displaying result via AJAX calls
  • Loading data after successfull AJAX call

To get this working on your local machine just copy this folder into your htdocs MAMP directory or www WAMP directory and navigate to /public folder of this application.

There is no Database setup here but you could do that in a few minutes with Laravel.

Contributing to This code

Contributions are encouraged and welcome. Submit pull requests or ask questions if something’s not clear


This source is under MIT license.

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  • John Kevin M. Basco October 5, 2012  

    Thank you! This is very helpful 🙂

  • rocker February 8, 2013  


  • thenoviceprogrammer November 17, 2013  

    Thank you! There is a small problem with this example though. When you change the value of Name and resubmit, the result div is not updated.

  • thenoviceprogrammer November 17, 2013  

    The problem above can be resolved by putting div id in the return message

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