Laravel applications to learn from

Couple days ago I posted about Laravel – a PHP framework that allows developers to quickly build applications.

Today I will post links to a few source code repositories that you could learn from if you are developing in Laravel.

Here are a few applications made in Laravel : – A user driven HTML snippet repository for Bootstrap.

Simple Blog in Laravel

Tiny Issue
HelpDesk sort of thing :

A new CMS based on Laravel :

Larevel Bootstrap – CMS with image uploads, article management and user roles

Layla – CMS

Markdown based blogging

Rebel CMS
Simple CMS built on Laravel 2.0, uses Twitter Bootstrap and allows users to upload media.

ShopHub aims to become the one stop shop for creating a webshop. Uses Twitter Bootstrap, Authority user access control, lots of bundles and custom code

Laravel Bundles

Helpful bits of code:

Paypal integration in Laravel

Idea of how to organize your files:

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