Laravel framework extensions

Yesterday I posted about Laravel – a PHP framework for developers that is quick to learn and implement.

Today I will summarize a list of extensions for Laravel that might be helpful in development of a real-world applications.

Laravel Markdown

Sparkdown Bundle is simple bundle to provide Markdown and Markdown Extra functions.Details and download can be viewed here:

Markitup bundle

Markitup Bundle is a simple bundle to integrate markItUp! universal markup jQuery editorDetails and download can be viewed here:


Authority is a Role Based Access Control bundle for Laravel


Basset is a Better Asset class for the Laravel framework

Closure Compiler

PHPMailer Bundle

PHPMailer Bundle, by Colin Viebrock
A Laravel PHPMailer bundle, installable via the Artisan CLI:

Laravel WordPress

Laravel WordPress is a package for working w/ WordPress.

PHPThumb Laravel Bundle

PHPThumb Laravel Bundle is an Image manipulation bundle based of PHPThumb

Mailchimp for LaravelPHP

Mailchimp for LaravelPHP is a LaravelPHP package for working w/ Mailchimp.

Laravel Menu

Laravel menu is a Menu builder for Laravel
Update! : I’ve posted a list of real world projects done in Laravel, great way to learn from the source :
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