Announcing another app built with Laravel –

Over last week I have been building a few of my own products and one of them is called It is a super simple and quick file sharing application but the key difference between other services is that files expire at a certain period of time instead of being stored forever.

Some of the use cases of such short-term file sharing are :

  • Road trip pictures
  • Wedding pictures
  • Essays and school – related files
  • PDF files
  • mobile phone pictures

Registration is free and first 50 users to register will get 1GB of sharing space ¬†instead of 500Mb that will be the limit for free users. You don’t need to register if the files you share are less than 100Mb in total space. There will also be a paid plan (very cheap comparing to other services) that will offer more storage space.

I am very excited to have this service because I constantly share photos with my friends and a service like this was nowhere to be found so I built one using Laravel framework.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

The logo was designed by David Haber of


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  • Alex June 25, 2013  

    I’m working on file uploads as well for my portfolio site. I just have a few questions:

    In your database do you setup a “files” table that has the url and what bucket the files each belong to? Do then also have a “buckets” table to pull the correct bucket info and file list?

    Finally, when someone visits the upload page, do you create a new database entry upon arrival?

    I’ve been pondering this as I want to make a website that can quickly load a collection of images to display to a user. Thanks for your time!

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