Laravel Tricks was created to help Laravel community find and share interesting ways of using Laravel PHP framework. The idea is simple: When you work with Laravel long enough you find some cool ways of using it, and to other people they might seem as “tricks” so I thought to create a centralized place for all Laravel users to […]

Read More is a website showcasing projects around the web that are built with the Laravel framework. The site allows users to submit links to projects that are built with Laravel in order to get more exposure. After a short approval process a screenshot and a description of the submitted site is posted for everyone to see. Currently the […]

Read More is a website that allows users to create a list of pins on a map and share that map containing multiple locations. The site makes it extremely easy for travelers, business owners or realtors to share locations on a mobile friendly map. I built the site with Laravel PHP framework, BackboneJS, Google Maps API, Bootstrap […]

Read More short-term file sharing was born out of frustration. I wanted a way to share files quickly without registering/signing up and created to fill that void. Users are able to drag and drop or select files that will be immediately uploaded and will remain on the site for a short period of time. When […]

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