Thanksgiving week – 2011

Hope you would join me in this prayer this week (Comment with “Amen” if you do):

Thank You Lord! Thank You for all the people in our lives, all of them are neccessary for us to shape us into who we are.
Thank You for so many blessings that You graciously provide for us, please forgive us when we forget how much we have in You.
Thank You for Your precious Son that reconciled us with You, oh Holy God!
Thank You for Your Truth and Your Wisdom that propagates through every fiber of the Universe.
Thank You for creating this beautiful world that we are able to sense and stand in awe seeing Your design.
Thank You for letting us know You, thank You for accepting us no matter the race, color of skin and our past.
Thank You for giving us a mind that is able to wonder, to be creative and to be impressed by You God.
Thank You for allowing us to love others, and thank you for Your Love that is selfless and perfect.
Thank You for not forcing us to believe in You but rather have a choice, thank You for always being there willing to take us in no matter how far we walk away from you at some point in our life.
Thank You for being a God of the Universe, Creator of all, and Our Father!

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