Story of – a week in the making, 3 days online 15,000 visitors a day!

Oh dear God.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” Bible. Proverbs 11:25

My newest creation built with just spread like fire throughout the Twitterverse and internet in general. On the third day of its existence  it got 15000 unique visitors, close to a thousand of Re-tweets, hundreds of followers on twitter, etc… Check out the stats:

Somehow it also got to first page of Hacker News (#8 in there , YUPPP!!!), which makes me very happy:

This is mind blowing and very humbling experience to have such a great launch, here is a short story of and where it is headed:

Bootsnipp Story.

Last Thursday, Sept 6, 2012 I was very sick with Flu. Sore throat, nausea, runny nose, stuff like that. So I called in sick at work and stayed at home thinking how useful it would be for me personally and for others to have a repository of the common web app elements somewhere on the web where they can quickly copy paste these code snippets into their projects. The idea of was born. I do this often when I think of something and get infected with the idea to a point where it consumes all of me for a day or two and this was the perfect opportunity – there was nothing to distract me. My wife was so supportive of me, the day before I asked her about suggestions about the domain name for a site like that and we both decided on BootSnipp, A twitter Bootstrap Snippets site.

So I stayed at home Thursday and consequently Friday (still very sick with flu), hacking away a prototype of a website where I could quickly add useful snippets and have them instantly available for other people. Here is what I used:

I wrote the code in PHP to get where I wanted, to have an admin interface that allows me to post snippets quickly. Here’s how the “Create snipp” admin page looks like:

And this is the “add snippets” page:

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

The feature that I loved the most while developing this site was the LIVE code preview that allows me to see how snippets look right there in the browser. This is pretty amazing, saves me a bunch of time while writing/testing snippets.

What I want to do with :

Allow others to create snippets, vote on the snippets, make it usable for developers on everyday basis, integrate a form builder, layout builder, etc…

The story of Bootsnipp isn’t over, it just started and thanks to you it is so successful.

What would you suggest?


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